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nowhere, usa

nowhere, usa

“‎The simple truth is that you can understand a town. You can know and love and
     hate it. You can blame it, resent it, and nothing changes.
        In the end, you're just another part of it."
       ( – THE REPLACEMENT, Brenna Yovanoff)
                • • •
No one would expect the sleepy little beach town of Madison, Georgia to be anything other than a postcard perfect community. Fit with a beautiful downtown, gorgeous beaches, and friendly neighbors, there are only kind words to be said about the small town. Unless you live there, then it’s a totally different story. Because small town living can be brutal sometimes. With only 5,000 people calling Madison home, it’s pretty hard to get away with anything without someone finding out. Missing a Sunday mass or the football team’s bake sale is enough to be the last nail in your coffin. And you can be sure as hell that all of the housewives will be gossiping about how you’re going straight to hell. That’s what happens when your pastor preaches weekly about the dangers of sinful living and in Madison, nothing is more sinful than falling out of line. Everyone is expected to be their very best Southern selves; go to each and every football team, always lend a hand to your neighbor, and for God’s sake, raise your kid right! Every so often though some parents slip up. Their kids aren’t exactly normal by Madison standards. The boys don’t want to tryout for the football team and the girls won’t step foot near the town’s annual beauty pageant. The absolute horror! Instead they have bigger things on their minds; fantasies of the future where their fates don’t include anything even remotely close to the PTA and Madison’s Homecoming Parade. Is it so wrong to want more than that? They don’t think so. They’re tired of the rules they’re forced to abide by. There’s never enough room to find out who they are beyond their hometown. Their senior year is the last chance they might get to break the mold. And as if being the town’s outcasts could be any harder, each senior is forced to face the fact that all those secrets they had been desperately hiding could be easily outed to the entire town just as they were about to escape small town life.
                • • •
ROLEPLAY AESTHETIC : http://goo.gl/BHOc8w
LOCATIONS : http://goo.gl/QHme4e
                • • •
SYDNEY "SYD" BARRETT, 17 – the soccer captain (luca hollestelle)
{ a bit unbearable, a bit angry, but she has a good heart ... deep down }
PERCY YEOM, 17 – the dancing geek (dani kim)
{ perpetually sleepy, just doesn't realize how she's shook their perfect world }
NORA OLIVER, 17 – the diva (stefanie scott)
{ the wannabe actress, aka the disappointment in her family of overachievers }
SAVANNAH FITZGERALD, 17 – the MUN girl (skyler samuels)
{ the mayor's daughter who doesn't want to follow in her family's footsteps }

(love interests)
EVAN MURPHY, 17 – the quarterback (nick robinson)
{ a classic case of "no dad! this is YOUR dream" }
DAVIE OLSEN, 17 – the golden boy (tom holland)
{ reluctant golden boy who stumbled into being the lead of the school musical }
DYLAN CARTER, 17 – the inbetweener (reece king)
{ the flirty, sarcastic school newspaper photographer/writer who no one REALLY knows }
GRIFFIN HUNT, 17 – the bad boy (matthew hitt)
{ the mysterious, brooding kid with a dark past that sav has been forced into tutoring }

(secondary characters)
JONATHAN BARRETT, 45 – wishes he was george washington, syd's dad (damian lewis)
{ MHS's very own twelfth grade history teacher who has a soft spot for war reenactments }
CATHLEEN BARRETT, 45 – the former homecoming queen, syd's mom (elizabeth mitchell)
{ been forcing sydney into frilly ball gowns since '99 }
TYLER BARRETT, 21 – the one stuck behind, syd's brother (evan peters)
{ a reminder why you shouldn't be too invested in high school }
JOANNA SUMMERS, 17 – the ex best friend (hailee steinfeld)
{ who has two thumbs, is the new president of we hate sydney club & wishes she were soccer captain? this girl. }
JACK ADDENS, 17 – the ex boyfriend (colin ford)
{ not a lot of words can be said about the asswipe that syd used to like-like }
ROSE OLIVER, 52 – the perfectionist, nora's mom (diane lane)
{ mimosa enthusiast and madison's finest elementary school teacher }
CHARLES OLIVER, 51 – the doctor, nora's dad (aaron eckhart)
{ a madison has-been and former town hero }
GRACE OLIVER, 25 – the princess, nora's sis (emily vancamp)
{ longest reigning pageant queen turned veterinarian }
ANNABELLE "ANNA" OLIVER, 21 – the girl next door, nora's sis (niomi smart)
{ too nice for her own good, really }
CHLOE NEWSOME, 17 – the class president, nora's bestie ... sort of (aya jones)
{ class president, cheerleader, overachiever, student council enthusiast, etc }
CAROLYN PRESCOTT, 17 – the rival (romee strijd)
{ thinks she's the most talented teen in madison. hint: she's not }
AHMED YEOM, 48 – the genius conservative, percy's appa (julien kang)
{ tough exterior, soft interior, and the manager of the highly successful new storage company in town }
E-YOUNG 'ESTHER' YEOM, 44 – the coolest tiger mom, percy's eomma (doona bae)
{ knows her daughters like the back of her hand }
PENELOPE YEOM, 15 – the token child, percy's sister (somi jeon)
{ she WILL get a scholarship to study medicine in harvard. mark her words }
POPPY YEOM, 12 – way too energetic to handle, percy's sister (lily m)
{ more social than both her sisters combined }
ISLA WUTHERBEE, 17 – the cheer captain (elle fanning)
{ can't stand the new girl and all she stands for. why? she too hasn't figured out why }
JAMIE FITZGERALD, 52 — the town mayor, savannah's dad (colin firth)
{ once an independent senator for massachusetts, jamie became the town mayor not many years ago }
ABIGAIL "ABBY" FITZGERALD, 48 — the badass attorney, savannah's mum (paula malcomson)
{ makes really good kosher food and dominates in the courtroom }
RONAN FITZGERALD, 17 – the sarcastic twin, savannah's twin brother (thomas brodie-sangster)
{ who has the ability and readiness to sass you into oblivion? this guy }
BOYD CAVENDISH, 17 – the vice president (cody christian)
{ the student government boy who just so happens to savannah's best friend... for now... }



Where can you find the most eclectic group of people?
Quick answer: College
More specifically? Dartmouth.
Kileigh's Characters -
❋ PIPER , 20
junior | the shy photographer with an obsession with Shakespeare that she doesn't act on
→ that girl who runs around with a Polaroid camera, obsessing over Shakespeare
double major: Architecture and Art History
minor: English
model: Ali Michael
TBA, 21
senior | mister charmer
→ The arrogant rich boy from England who has more substance than you thought
Major: Business
Minor: History
Model: Reece King
Summer's Characters -

❋ TAMSIN MALLOY, 18 (from The Media Club)
freshman | probably wears a tinfoil hat when she's alone.
→ tba
major: tba
minor: tba
model: Valeriia Karaman
❋ STEVIE ACKER, 20 (from Who You Gonna Ring?)
junior | tba
→ tba
major: tba
minor: tba
model: Misha Hart
❋ ALONA SALERNO, 18 (from Flight 316)
freshman | tba
→ tba
major: art history
minor: tba
model: Josfeine Sevenningsen
❋ AMELIE JACQUES, 21 (from The Media Club)
senior | foreign exchange with a lot more to her than you might at first think.
→ she's stupid, to put it lightly. really naive, really trusting of everyone, doesn't help herself at all.
major: art
minor: photography
model: Crystal Reed

❋ LOLA EMERSON, 21 (from Les Belles Femmes)
senior | the one girl nobody really likes, and doesn't even like herself.
→ she's having an affair with one of the older professors, and basically wants him for his money. that is all.
major: fashion design
minor: photography
model: Holland Roden
Emma's Characters -

freshman | the new kid
faceclaim: Nina Dobrev
born: 10 October, 1996 || Emiliya Georgieva Danielova in Sofia, Bulgaria
height: 5'6"
hometown: Sofia, Bulgaria || Alexandria, Virginia, US
occupation: Student, Call Girl, Aspiring Author
sophomore | the newly rich artist
faceclaim: Nathaniel Buzolic
sophomore | sweeter than sugar
faceclaim: Jenna Coleman
junior | wears skinny jeans that are blacker than his soul
faceclaim: Matt Smith
➢ FIONA RYAN, 18 | Pitch Perfect
Freshman | That one shy girl with the big voice
➝ Naive and spoiled sweet, herded into Pre-Law by her overbearing parents when all she wants to do is sing
major: officially undeclared, but she’s going the pre-law route
minor: political science
model: Anais Pouliot
ONE. Welcome to campus! Spend your day settling in, meeting or re-meeting your roommate and getting acquainted with the Dartmouth campus! Get comfortable in your dorm rooms and head to the quad for a look at your classes!
TWO. Freshmen retreat: freshmen are split into groups to go on a three-day long retreat of hiking, kayaking and camping. The sophomores, juniors and seniors run it (mainly if they're in the outing club but if not, they're always looking for help!)
❋ Group One:
-- freshmen: Hedwige Winters, Alona Salnero, Fiona Ryan
--sophomores: Courtney Mercer, James Saxon
-- juniors: Piper, Stevie Acker, Cathy Sebold, Sullivan
-- seniors: Devon Beato, -, Amelie Jacques
❋ Group Two:
-- freshmen: Amelia Daniels, Kitty Pryce, Tamsin Malloy
--sophomores: Maria Sawyer
-- juniors: Henry Puffen, Evie Mulberry, Dominic Zuccerman
-- seniors: Sarryn Whitehawk, Lola Emerson, Connor Rutherford
THREE. Back to campus + two hours to get ready for Head's Dinner, the first of many nights where the who student body comes to hear the head master, Regina Laws, speak and dine.
FOUR. Head to your first day of classes. (Most likely two or three classes)
FIVE. CLUB FAIR! All of the clubs and organizations have set up a table on the quad, go round, socialize, join a ton and have fun!
SIX. Fraternity, Psi Upsilon, is hosting their first bash of the year... this is supposed to "slay" you all. The theme? Welcome to the jungle.
SEVEN. Sports Game - Dartmouth vs Cornell football. Get ready and put your Big Green pride on display.

Post a Comment Group

Post a Comment Group

Welcome to a very popular group for people who wish to have their lovely sets commented on! Comment on every set you view because remember... what goes around comes around!! Please check out my resort's website! www.solomonislandsresorts.com
Enjoy!! xx

everyone on polyvore.

everyone on polyvore.

Biggest and most popular group on Polyvore, EOP is the group to join if you want your sets featured and seen.

anybody out there

anybody out there

● You can post every kind of set.
● There'll be a lot of different contests.
● ...and many comments ♥



"This will be one war,everyone wants to be a part of"

Mystical, charming, and glamorous young women attend a French wizarding academy named Beauxbatons, located in the South of France. They do not realize that everything they love and cherish at this school can change when Durmstrang Academy goes co-ed with Beauxbatons.

Beauxbatons is a highly esteemed academy for the magically gifted ladies in France; every girl has the chance to achieve her highest level of expertise at this institution. These girls may seem flawless, but each has her insecurity; they have their ways of masquerading their flaws and keeping their school's name high, but can it stay that way even if the rowdy Durmstrang boys decide to give Beauxbatons a proper makeover?

It's not the only problem surrounding these girls. Rumors are going around the castle grounds that death eaters will come back, and this time, they won't lose to a boy with a weird scar.

This year may also be the year for one special student: Beauxbatons is hosting a competition (similar to Tri-Wizard competition but without other schools,only between the four houses) but sadly for them, the boys will be teamed up in their houses too, so that means they have to get a long with them.

Can these girls handle the changes, or might one of them be the real danger?
✰ ✮ ★
♥ Belanger (Like Gryffindor)
The perfect house for the brave, daring and athletic type. Most of them aren't vain and don't pride on looks,they put others before themselves but sometimes their victory can get to their head and will forget who they really are.They have some of the best Quidditch players,they have allot of Half-Bloods, Muggle-Born and Pure-Bloods but they lack Veela and mystical beings.
➠Colors- Dark Ivy Green, Black and White.
➠Badge- Six white stars crossing over a straight dark green ribbon with black, cat paw prints.

♥ Mauplume (Like Ravenclaw)
This house is mostly for over achieving bookworms, intelligent and witty girls that age beyond their years. They have the best exam ratings; most of the girls graduate to work for the French Ministry of Magic or invent their own potions and win many magic noble prizes. They have a selection of all girls but also lack Veela.
The intelligent, imaginative and heavily talented girls go to Mauplume.
➠ colors- Dark Purple, Lilac and Silver.
➠ Badge- Five silver stars crossing over a dark purple ribbon with lilacs (the flower).

♥ Delasmit (Like Slytherin)
The fierce, cunning pure bloods of the school; They come from the richest, snobbiest families in high places and don't care about the others. They are very good in Quidditch but they have never won the House Cup because they never obey the rules. Only Pure Bloods and the only house that has Veela. Not a lot of girls want to be in Delasmit because they are vapid and some of these girls may possess dark magic. The mischievous, manipulative and malicious girls go to Delasmit.
➠ Colors- Red,Black and Grey.
➠ Badge- Four black stars crossing over a grey ribbon with a red fox.

♥ Grodeffroy (Like Hufflepuff)
Unlike Hufflepuff, this is the house to be. These girls are pure at heart but some are not pure of blood; They strive in everything they do but never loose themselves in the process. They have a record for winning the House Cup five years in a row. They obey the rules and always help anyone who seeks it. The kind, smart and caring girls go to Grodeffroy.
➠ Colors- Turquoise, Light Blue and Dark Royal Blue.
➠ Badge- Three light blue stars crossing over a turquoise ribbon with a dark blue half moon.
✰ ✮ ★
• Glass Atrium •
The Glass Atrium is the Beaubaxtons like the great hall...white-wood tables,royal blue cushions,Diamond chandliers,silver and gold table cloths,sky blue window curtains, the head table for professors and four tables for each house.Students are serenaded while they dine by choirs of wood nymphs. At Christmas time the dining hall is adorned with great, non-melting ice sculptures.

• Classes&Examinations •
➠ First year exams · Second year exams · Third year exams · Fourth year exams · Ordinary Wizarding Level · Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test
➠ Core classes: Astronomy · Charms · Defence Against the Dark Arts · Herbology · History of Magic · Potions · Transfiguration
➠ Elective classes: Arithmancy · Care of Magical Creatures · Divination · Muggle Studies · Study of Ancient Runes
➠Extra-curricular classes: Advanced Arithmancy Studies · Ancient Studies · Art · Flying · Ghoul Studies · Hogwarts choir · Muggle Art · Muggle Music · Music

• Student Lounge Of Each House (Common Rooms) •
A large and comfortable room filled with couches, chairs, tables, and amenities to entertain students between classes and free time.

• Dormitories (For Each House) •
Each student is assigned a room and a roommate to reside with during their stay at Beauxbatons.

• The Quidditch Pitch •
Quidditch is the national pastime of the Wizarding World, so naturally, there's a few club teams.

• Out Of School •
♥ French Ministry of Magic
Marseilles Branch.

♥ Canebière (like Diagon Alley)
The busy thoroughfare where you enter the Wizarding section of Marseilles. A wide boulevard that one must walk through to gain access to the shops along the boardwalk. Completely invisible to Muggles.

♥ The Boardwalk
Wizarding shops strewn along the beach.
Like hogsmead.

♥ The Corinche
The beach, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Vacation homes are here.
✰ ✮ ★
head girl: Izabel Valencía
head boy: Pascal Windsor
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:
head girl:
head boy:
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:
head girl: Mischa Declerq
head boy: Donovan Bartholomew Krum
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:
head girl: Ingrid Maus
head boy:
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:

✰ ✮ ★
seeker: Izabel Valencía
seeker: Mischa Declerq
beater: Donovan
✰ ✮ ★
If yes,which position:
Core Classes:
Elective Classes:
Extra Curricular Classes:
Wand details:
Best memory:
Have any special heirlooms?


EXTRA; moodboard, playlist, storyboard, collection, etc

virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

Hello there ◕ ‿◕
This is a whimsical group made by deux filles lunatique, @hermionejane and @glitterinmyveins, (aka two whimsical girls.)
We want your best indie, whimsical, dreamy, magical and sparkly sets. We hope you join ;)

The Hunger Games Challenge {THGC}

The Hunger Games Challenge {THGC}

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"
This is a fashion / art challenge as if you were in the hunger games. the hunger games is a horrible thing, but if your name was drawn at the reaping, and you actually survived, what would happen?
how the challenge works:
- create the fashion sets listed below, on what you would wear in that situation.
- there is not a time limit! you can take your time :)
- message me if you finished the whole challenge, and you will be placed in the hall of fame in the group!
- if you want, you can write mini stories to go with your sets. they will get bonus points in contests!
- the whole challenge is based off of yourself. this is not a roleplay, so please don't make a different character other than yourself.
list of set challenges:
- introduce yourself
- the reaping
- on the tribute train
- arrival to the capitol
- on the chariot
- training center
- the interviews
- private session with the gamemakers
- entering the arena
- winning the games
- the reunion show and victory banquet
- returning home from the capitol
- moving to the victor's village
- parcel day
- harvest festival
- on the train for the victory tour
- arriving in the capitol
- president snow's party
[these are optional, but recommended]
- hanging out in your district
- hunting in the woods
- surviving in the arena
- on top of the roof in the capitol
- breakfast in the capitol
- interview preparation and skills
- your first killing in the arena
- your last killing in the arena
- the cornucopia
- trading at the hob
- arriving in district 12 (on the victory tour)
- arriving in district 11
- arriving in district 10
- arriving in district 9
- arriving in district 8
- arriving in district 7
- arriving in district 6
- arriving in district 5
- arriving in district 4
- arriving in district 3
- arriving in district 2
- arriving in district 1
In your information and yourself description or collection info, fill out this template:
district: (find out your district here: http://thecapitol.pn)
personality traits:
skills: (as in defending yourself)
nickname: (for example, finish the statement: the girl who... the boy who...)
tribute token:
model: (the model you'll be using as yourself in your sets.)
1. @just-jane
2. @novawillow
3. @georgia-la-la
4. @spacebound-x
5. @trinadee
6. @the-ferrets-wife
7. @moonshoesmichelle
8. @x-rihanna-x
9, @kristen-gregorytpc
10. @hannahxoxo95
11. @greeneyeddemon
12. @ralphlauren12
13. @lucyquinns
14. @owmyscar
15. @princesspawsupotter
16. @nerdygirlytomboy42



Love music? Got a day job or are attending school but have an hour or so free a few days a week?
Welcome to WJDub, we're happy to hear the tunes you want to share with us as long as you rock our socks off.
We'd like to thank our loyal listeners for tuning in and making us the 10th most loved radio station in our city of Joliet. Remember that our doors and lines are always open so stop in and say hello or call in to request, we'll be there to listen until our shifts end.
WJDub, rocking your old timey boomboxes since '97.

Taken DJs: http://www.polyvore.com/not_your_typical_bunch_renegades/collection?id=6213909
DJs: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=6177787
Nonplayables: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=6185065
The Shows: coming soon
Events: -
♪ taglist | @min-t @spacelava @at0mic-soul @westward-blonde @pommepadour @faultstars @ridleys @elaineeeee @jet-black-fart

Auditions will be open until January 13th although the roleplay has begun.
- This is a story roleplay. You will write for your character.
- The characters are made as partial premades so they have some information provided but it is up to you where to go from there with them.
- Events will be every two weeks. Since these will not be super time-consuming, you can write whenever you are inspired too. Very laid back with these events.
- All characters interact with one another at least once a week so they know one another. Station events also occur so they will all known each other whether it be in or out of the station.
- A model change must be okayed by me before it is done but I would prefer that you stick with the provided models.
- Be kind to everyone!! + Jam on
★ NAME (age, 20+)
-- dj name
birthday: (date | star sign)
current residence:
education: (extent + college major if applicable)
about: (at least ten bullets)
how they joined the radio station:
genres normally played:
top five artists played:
about their radio show:
top three characters:
taken by:
- moodboard:
- storyboard:
- collection.
-- ignore below, this is giving me some serious anxiety so it will be moved shortly
TUESDAY + THURSDAY 8-10am, FRIDAY 12-2pm |
-- Double Deery
host name: Anja Jenks
genres: folk, indie
top 5 artists played: Jenny Lewis, Birdy, Priscilla Anh, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men
description: Her show has a very whimsical feel to it as she plays fairy music softly in the background as she speaks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a34vTj6-ok0). Sometimes she would even narrate short stories or poems to her listeners, again with the fairy music in the background, and explain the meaning to them afterwards. She wants to educate her listeners about the dying art of Literature and urges them to learn to appreciate it more. She loves to feature hidden gems on her show so often scouts for underappreciated or underrated artists and bands to feature on her show alongside the popular ones which her listeners love and appreciate. Her listeners commented that her voice is very enchanting and soothing to the ears. Occasionally, she and Kat would switch places hosting each others' shows whereby the listener who spots it gets a chocolate prize.
-- Arabella
host name: Becca Lynx
genres: indie, indie rock
top 5 artists played: Arctic Monekys, Warpaint, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Florence & The Machine,The Prettiots
description: Becca is very much a shy person, so when it does come to speaking parts, she keeps it to a minimum, preferring to let her music taste speak for her. She does have a small cult following for her newbies half hour, where she plays new artists that email her songs from around the world.

-- DJ Wildwind
host name: Lila Williams
genres: indie rock, blues, alternative
top five artists played: Solange, Lana Del Rey, Kehlani, Zayn, The Weeknd
description: Despite playing music that will make you either cry or dance, Lila always takes time to educate her listeners on the latest social issues, the environment and encourage them to donate money to 'charities of the day' if they are capable of. Also a series of bad jokes, funny interviews (often with co-workers) and a failed weather report.

-- DJ Catty Boy
host name: Wil Brooks
genres: indie, R&B, soul
top 5 artists played: Ottis Redding, Bruno Mars' latest album, James Brown, Drowners, Frank Ocean
description: A combination between podcast and regular music shows. It lasts for an hour and a half, in which he mostly plays his favorite jams and then at the middle of the show he has a podcast sort of moment where he has some guests reading extraordinary essays on weekly themes.

-- DJ Ripley
host name: Corie Plath
genres: alternative, classic rock, indie rock, those oldies you hear in the backgrounds of films
top 5 artists played: Cage the Elephant, Banks, MØ, The Smiths, Phantogram
description: Fun, quirky and done on the fly, Dj Ripley's show is one that tells you all you need to know about bands, new and old, and upcoming concerts. She's known to have some of the most interesting guests, ranging from band frontmen to street performers. She even once had a studio party on air that anyone could come and join. She's spontaneous but put together all at once, seems like the type of girl that you could run into at a coffeeshop or see crowdsurfing at a concert, and that's why she gets all the love.
-- Dj Boomer
host name: Henry Walker
genres: rap, punk, comedy songs, punkrock
top 5 artists played: Kanye West, Blink-182, The Clash, Anderson .Paak, Travis Scott
description: Well it's the primary (tbh only) source of the station's complaints... and it's damn funny that's for starters.

-- Waterhöuse
host name: Maya Waterhouse
genres: jazz, pop rock, old rock
top 5 artists played: the beatles, miles davis, coldplay, the rolling stones, the killers
description: Twice a week, maya holds a radio show called 'waterhöuse chats' where she plays her favourite tunes, both old and new, and discusses mostly what's going on in pop culture. whether it's new films, new tv show, big things in music. whatever. if it's trending and relevant, she'll talk about it. sometimes she has fellow dj's as guests or interviews local bands about their music and chats pop culture with them. she also loves a good chance to play trivia with her guests.

-- K Frizzle
host name: Kay Fritz
genres: electro-pop, lots of flume, remixes of the beatles, yé-yé, shibuya-kei when she feels like it, synth-pop, glam rock, europop, early 2000s kylie, the beach boys
top 5 artists played: kylie minogue, the beatles, flume, yelle, françoise hardy
description: Kay's show, which has been christened "Kay's Korner", is as eccentric as the radio host herself. The music she plays is a bit everywhere in terms of genre (and language). She's really just playing what she likes and is hoping everyone else likes it as well. People enjoy for Kay's clever humor and sharp wit, as well as her iconic segments: "Punday", featuring a pun/joke of the day, and "WTH? (What The Hell?) where viewers can anonymously send in their embarrassing stories, which Kay will then read over the air. It's all very lighthearted and fun, but may turn serious when Kay discusses topics relating to social issues and politics. A staunch liberal Democrat, Kay has no qualms sharing her opinions, often debating callers live (this once prompted a slew of angry, slur-filled hate mail being sent to the station, but she soldiers on)!

-- Gemini Feed
host name: Kat Jenks
genres: trip hop, alternative,
top 5 artists played: The Weeknd, The Black Keys, Lorde, Drake, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
description: Her show is pretty laid back, with a mix of more chilled out and more hard core music. She often tells story times of all the crazy stuff she's done at parties and all the stupid stuff she did in high school (think Tana Mongeau, but only slightly less vulgar) and has yarns on air with all of the listeners. She often collaborates with the other DJ's (whoever is around) and sometimes switches place with her sister (the person who spots it gets a chocolate prize). In Kat's words, "it's an all around chill time."
radio show aesthetic: http://www.polyvore.com/gemini_feed/collection?id=6202346